miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2012

1st International and National Meeting of Festivals and Presentations of Film and Audiovisual in Venezuela

1st International and National Meeting of Festivals and Presentations of Film and Audiovisual in Venezuela

On February 16th, it took place the 1st International and National Meeting of Festivals and Exhibitions of Film and Audiovisual in Venezuela. The meeting was sponsored by the CNAC and the attendance and participation of representatives of the following festivals: Short Film Festival Manuel Trujillo Durán; Filminuto Caracas Festival, Bicentennial Film Festival Venezuela-Colombia; Short film Festival to Clemente De La Cerda, Festival Film of Los Llanos, International Festival of Cinema and Audiovisual for Children and Youth, Festival of Spirituality in Venezuelan Cinema, Venezuelan Film Festival in Merida, Caracas Docs Festival, Festival 1000 Metros Bajo Tierra, Film-Video Festival in Sequence, National Short Film Shows, Venezuelan Diversity Film Festival; Festival Entre Largos y Cortos de Oriente (ELCO), Short Film Festival Caracas CHORTS, Latin American and Caribbean Film Festival in Margarita, Children's Film Festival Ciudad Guayana, the National Festival of Short Film in Barquisimeto; Academic Video Festival of Caracas (VIART).

The purpose of the meeting pointed out to the mutual recognition of different Venezuelan Festivals and Presentations, the called for a self-evaluation of the development of the diffusion, distribution, preparation and study of Cinematographic and Audiovisual spaces. Among other things, there was discussed the creation of a network of Festivals and Presentations in Venezuela. This important effort is creating a historic moment of great relevance, given the historical absence of meetings in Venezuela for the distribution of film culture that include self-criticism, publishing, exhibition, among others.

The call of the president of CNAC, Juan Carlos Lossada, looks for the use of a leadership in the field of integration of the areas of publishing and disseminating in Venezuela in order to avoid degrees of dispersion or the fragmentation of efforts.

In words of Ms. Evelyn Marquez, Coordination Manager of CNAC, it is open, at this time, a two-way communication and an ongoing support from the institution and the Venezuelan Festivals and Presentations... because "the construction of the national cinema is not an exclusive role of CNAC, but everyone's job, by and for all”

From Merida, host of the INTERNATIONAL FILM AND AUDIOVISUAL FESTIVAL FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH, we extend a cordial greeting to all the participants in this first encounter, as well as a call to maintain active communication.